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learn forex trading
Feeling frustrated because of facing problems that have not been resolved? Don't hesitate to ask other traders who have more experience. Various information is already available on the internet and can be easily accessed by anyone. But there are some special problems that sometimes require a direct review of experienced traders. For example, the peculiarity of a trading that occurs on a particular broker platform, is most effective if the solution is sought by asking directly to other traders who have been or are trading at the broker.

In addition, why should you spend time and bother looking for info on various sources if you can immediately get the answer by asking another trader?

Better, Be a Smart Questioner
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In addition to half-finished ideas and non-constructive criticism, one other thing that is often seen as disturbing in discussion forums is a recurring question, constantly arising, and coming from the same questioner. It can also be aggravated by the theme of questions that are already common and do not bring new enlightenment to other traders, either because the answers are easy to find on forex information sites, or have been repeatedly asked in the forum.
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Be a smart questioner
Therefore, it's a good idea to condition the questions first. If it is fairly general and still at the beginner level, join the forum section that specifically welcomes newbies or newcomers. Also, arrange your questions carefully so they are easy to understand and include all the information you want to get. Even if there are questions later, the material submitted will not repeat the topic of the previous question that has been answered.
With various benefits that traders can get, sharing trading ideas is one of the ways to learn forex trading that allows you to actively interact with fellow traders. However, the usability will not be obtained maximally if you violate the 3 taboos above. So in order to get the optimum benefits from sharing forex trading ideas, be sure to avoid the 3 things above, and apply complementary tips that have been included in each section.

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